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By developing a project that is effective not only in a specific area but throughout Turkey in collaboration with the Industry and University, we hope to meet the sector’s need for qualified personnel while also distinguishing ourselves among Techno-parks with an initiative to provide employment opportunities.

Target Audience:

Seniors studying in the Engineering departments of the universities or people who are about to step into the business world through the alumni platforms. Engineers who have recently graduated and have been working for no more than a year in any of the automotive companies. Each training camp can only take up to 80 students.


As a result of market research conducted during the development of this program, the program was meticulously designed to meet the needs of all automotive companies. After the meetings conducted face to face, it is concluded that the students successfully completing our training will be introduced to the business world and employment opportunities will be provided for them. As it is also understood from the job postings of major automotive companies and automotive suppliers came across during the research there is a great opening on this matter.

Training Period Our training lasting 4 months and consisting of 4 stages will be provided through a user-based private online school platform along with a private password.

Training Platform:

Accepted students can either track and watch the recorded training through the online platform, or they can benefit from the live training for 4 months. After the live videos/ weekly assignments/ audio lecture notes and online tests conducted at the end of each stage, the students will earn the right to advance to the next stage and the be able to unlock the next stage. Additional lectures will be scheduled in case of any problems in the assignments with main instructors as well as advisory instructors. While working on their assignments, students will be able to receive requested support messages from their advisory instructors within 24 hours. A constantly active system of a school that operates in this manner will be provided.

Instructors and advisory instructors:

Three main instructors who are experts in their subject and have a good name in the sector and four expert advisory instructors, expert in this field will contribute to our training.